It is with a deep sense of honour and humility that I have accepted the confidence of this Congregation and served as Chazan Sheni since September of 1980.

This period was a transitional time for our Synagogue, as the late-distinguished Cantor Rosensweig had retired and I was called upon to temporarily fulfil the role of Cantor until such time as Cantor David Bagley was retained by the Congregation.

Throughout my many years of service, I have always taken pride in the fact that our Shul distinguishes itself in a number of areas. With many of our worshippers being of European origin, they bring with them a deep commitment to synagogue and community. Participating regularly in the daily Minyan and in Talmud learning, they radiate warmth, closeness and concern for the people coming to daven with us.

Our Shul has a reputation in the community for a steady daily minyan all year round. People from all over the city knows that if a mourner or anyone needs a minyan, our Shul is the place to be.

We pride ourselves in our Youth Shabbat Programs, where our entire service is conducted by our youth. Today, these young people have grown and assumed positions in the business and professional arenas.

Over the past few years, our Synagogue has become a place of worship for many of our brethren from the Sephardic community and their daily contribution to the minyan is very noticeable, valuable and appreciated.

In concluding, my family joins me in congratulating the Synagogue leadership, past and present, for their dedicated work. We wish the Congregation a great future and look forward to serving our community in the years ahead.


Reverend Benjamin Even-Hen